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Pamela Koehne-Drube

Freelance historian and writer

Pamela Koehne-Drube | Consulting Historian

An historian can engage public interest in a way that is unique, factual, creative and entertaining. History is more than just museums and books, and it plays an important part in every part of our lives.  It can be personal or public. From a history of your business, family or hobbies, an historian can help bring those stories to life in both a professional and creative way.

An historian is useful both in the private and public sectors, with the versatility to research and represent projects of different scope and depth.  I cater not only to the heritage sector but also businesses and media as a researcher, consultant and content writer. Whether you need a blog entry written for your private or business blog, need someone to ghostwrite your life story or even write a history of your home or business, I can help.

My past work includes research, curation and content writing for The National Trust of Australia, The Natural History Museum, London, and Museum Victoria. I am a current Member of the Royal Historical Society.  I have also undertaken freelance projects to inform the text panels of exhibitions, researched and written reports for items and sites of historical significance, researched, developed and written guide notes to inform tours of historical properties and sites, and have aided in the development of public access programs.  As well as this I have written content for company and private blogs and ghostwritten for historical fiction writers.

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